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Desiscant dryer

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Adsorption dryer is the use of Pressure Swing Adsorption and regeneration principle, so that compressed air adsorption of alternate flows through two cylinders, that is, when a cylinder is working pressure adsorption of moisture in the state, the other from go of your anger of the cylinder pipes Low pressure gas into the dryer heating, moisture desorption of desiccant, it has a simple structure without heat regeneration dryer, high degree of automation and heat regeneration dryer air consumption less advantage of the depth of desorption While avoiding Thermal Structure of the regeneration of large, intensive features.


1. In accordance with the requirements set arbitrary work cycle.

2.Re-produced gas can be precisely controlled.

3.Control System for reliable, strong anti-interference ability, long service life, the use of SSR contactless relay, for precise temperature control

4.Less consumption, high heating efficiency, low energy consumption.

5.Dew Point measurement and control system can be increased as required

6.Multiple safety protection device and multi - loop heating device for micro - Strengthening desorption of regeneration, good effect.

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