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Oil-free low pressure piston compressor

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Oil-free low pressure piston compressor


1, oil lubrication, no oil compression, bring a high quality high stable no hydraulic pressure compressor

2, cast iron structure: cylinder and 100% of cast iron material used crankcase, ensure the life of unit.

3, cylinder: deep, independent of the fin casting cylinder 360 degrees can remove the heat generated by compressed air. Cylinder with the crankcase with bolt connection between, convenient for daily maintenance and maintenance.

4, flywheel: the flywheel leaves to produce a "whirlwind" type air to cooling deep fin cylinder, intercoolers and after cooler.

5, intercoolers: finned tube type, installed directly in the flywheel blowing place.

6, after cooler: finned tube type, the air-filled type, and intercoolers as installed in the flywheel blowing place.The discharge of compressed air cooler than about 20 ℃ high temperature environment to the left

7, centrifugal unloading device: release from the cold and cylinder air, prevent the overload start.

8, adjusting device: all of the high pressure units configure automatic start/stop control, another can choose constant speed control and dual control.

9, automatic condensing emission system: automatic condensing drain valve installed in the exhaust valve holder/separator, when compressor stop or in constant speed control mode uninstall automatically, and condensed water discharge.

10, motor: TEFC, motor, accord with IP54 IEC standard.

11, the driver: fully enclosed the protective bubble "V" type driving belt, smooth operation.

12, base: on the base of the structure of the chongqing opened a small chamfer, motor can be moved, easy to tighten "V" type belt.

Technical parameters

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